Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Brain and Vision

I don't know how it is with guys, but for myself and a number of women I've talked to, my brain - and mood, and Lord knows what else - affects my vision.

I am more or less the same size I've been since I lost weight. If there is any change (and according to the weigh and measure at Curves there is) it's for the better. A pound less a week, and inches dropped left right and centre. The point I'm trying to make is that there have been no drastic changes as of late.

And yet...wearing the EXACT same outfit I can look in the mirror one week and think "Hmmm. Looking pretty sharp there girl. Well done! Keep up the proper eating habits and the exercise, it's clearly working for you" and the next week look and think "Egads. Horrible lumpy toad, what's going on? Get the lead out and get working!".

Perhaps this is why I loathe mirrors. They keep saying different things. I was very happy in moving to leave behind a dresser that had a mirror. The new one is just a dresser. Not a single mirror to be seen. In fact, if it weren't for the mirror in the bathroom we'd be completely mirror-less. Hate them. What I should be hating is whatever it is in my brain (and I have friends whose brains do the same thing) that can see the same me and have different opinions from week to week. Or day to day. Hour to hour?

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