Monday, September 10, 2012

A Turn - or perhaps curve - in the road.

You may have noticed (all three of you that read this blog) that I haven’t blogged in a fair while. The thing is, every time something happens that I think – usually mistakenly – is interesting enough to blog about, I end up putting it on Facebook instead. Much easier, for the essentially lazy. And one is more easily forgiven for spelling/grammar/syntax errors on FB than here. So I stopped. However! I was out for tea with a friend who will some day start a blog about vegetarian eating in Regina, and it occurred to me: I like to cook and eat, I like to go out and eat. She may not be food blogging yet, but there is no reason why I couldn’t start! Some times I will write about some public place in Regina - or elsewhere – and every now and then I’ll write about a recipe I’m trying out at home. I should be able to blog more than once in a blue moon if I go ahead with the food plan. We’ll see, what with the proof being in the pudding and whatnot. My first post in this new world (no, I will not be renaming the blog. Can’t be bothered. See above note re: essential laziness) will be….not today. Tomorrow. Maybe. Because as it turns out I’m also pretty good at procrastinating as well.

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  1. I sometimes do the opposite: I'll be about to post something on Facebook, and then I'll realize I actually have more to say about it than one or two sentences' worth. But often I, too, find that Facebook covers it.

    Looking forward to your food blogging! Take pictures, when you can!