Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Better than Bank Robbery

Call me crazy (oh come on, you do it anyway, with at least the courtesy to not say it to my face!) but...I've sent in an application for a food franchise.

I haven't heard back yet and no, it's not like my heart's set on it, but it would be worth trying. Even for a year. If after a year it's making money but I want my job back I'll hire someone to run it. Or Hire The Girl who will be finished high school by then. Or maybe The Boy, but I suspect his introversion would not be a good match. If it's really doing well and I love it and it's paying the bills, I'll quit the government job (after 23 years!) altogether and run it until I'm ready to retire. If it isn't making money, or I just don't like the headache I'll sell the franchise.

Or maybe...maybe the person that they said they hadn't heard from yet will have grabbed it in the interim. And I'll stay at this job for...well, until I can afford retirement I guess!

All because I'm feeling restless and out of sorts. Which usually makes me want to rob a bank. But given that jail as a deterrent works for me, that ain't gonna happen. And I'd feel guilty about bank costs going up for the customers and so on. I'd make a terrible criminal!

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  1. Oh. My. God. You've been a public servant for 23 years? Dare you tell us what kind of franchise?