Thursday, April 7, 2011

The longest fall

I've been having a lot of really awful dreams lately. Either really frightening (I woke up sitting upright and shouting from a dream where I thought the sound that woke me was The Boy screaming in agony as he died a fiery death in a hideous car accident. He didn't, by the way) or just bad (doing or saying something that I would never ever actually do or say). Given that after family and the usual stuff I live for dreaming, this has not been a happy state of affairs.

There are some silver linings, though. For instance, I had a dream last night about dying with a friend. Not quite dying, though. Why would this be a silver lining? Because a) we didn't actually die and b) we had the weirdest conversation during the longest plunge to death ever. And yet, somehow, I can see us having such a discussion, should there ever be a record breaking fall to death going on.

So, the basic set up: we were going somewhere by car, with Mayb driving her new car. This made sense, as she just got a car and I had just read her post about it. She pulled over so we could figure out where we were. It didn't seem odd to either of us that we were in Greece, but somehow driving home. The Boy is working in a Greek restaurant, maybe that's where Greece entered the picture.

At any rate...we pulled over, on this road right next to the Mediterranean, and we were too far over. So the car went over the edge, plunging us both to what seemed like certain death. And yet, dream-like, we had time to have the following conversation:

B: Didn't mean to do that. Sorry.
Me: S'okay. We're going to hit the water, though. We should be able to do something about that.
B: Anything we should do on the way down?
Me: Well, we'll want to get out, so open the windows. Myth Busters did a thing on that. We want to get out as soon as possible.
B: I don't want to get out at all. Unless I can do it mid-air and grab a branch or something on the way.
Me: Don't think we have time. Can you swim?
B:Don't you read my blog anymore?
Me: Oh yeah, you hate the water. Well, open your window and take off your seat belt. You should be able to kick yourself to the surface. I'll take you the rest of the way. (Yeah, like it hasn't been 30 years since I did any lifeguarding).
B: I won't float, I have this thing where I sink like a stone.
Me: I think all people float. I mean, dead people do, right?
B: But if I'm dead why bother coming to get me?
Me: I'm just saying I think you could float.
B: I think the car might float. What if we climb out now and get on top? Then we don't have to swim at all.
Me: Well...I guess all I care about is seat belt off and window open so yeah, if you want to, go ahead and climb onto the roof.
B: If we die in the new car, Wade is going to be mad as well as sad.
Me: I don't think the kids are going to be too happy either. Wonder if we can haunt them all or something, and say we're sorry.

Dream ends. And still the car hadn't hit the water. Truly, we must have fallen from space, not from the road!


  1. Gee, and I thought dreaming about having coffee with Angela Merkel was enough nightmare.

  2. Oh man! That's exactly what I would have said too!