Thursday, October 27, 2011

As The Girl would say: Really? REALLY?

expected this. Is that because I am on top of things and know precisely when shipments with things I need will be here? No, it’s because:

I am getting my hair cut tomorrow. So I didn’t do anything to it this morning other than get it wet in the shower. I couldn’t even find a comb, so I just ran my fingers through it. Once. Not that it mattered, it was so windy this morning that even if it had started out looking decent, it wouldn’t have by the time I got in.

Three nights of no sleep from RLS is about the most I can take without collapsing. I’ve had two nights of no sleep, one night of a little bit of sleep. My skin is an interesting off white grey/blue. ‘Cept for the black under my eyes.

I am wearing THE pantyhose (see previous post). What, you didn’t think I’d just toss them, did you? That would be wasteful. So what if they are already pooling around my ankles.

It was freezing cold in my little space this morning. That’s ok, though, I have a sweater I keep here. A bit ragged, far too big for me and ugly as a diner dishcloth, but it’s warm. So I put it on.

Morning was progressing nicely, until the allergy attack. And drat, I’m out of antihistamine. Ah well, I can grab some next door at coffee break. In the meantime, I’ll try not to rip my eyes out. I’ll just have to put up with the drippy nose and wheezy breathing and red eyes and…wait. Why is someone at the door at this wing? Oh yeah, we’re open late, so I’m the only one that starts early. I better go answer that.

Ah. Hello box of records. And hello to you nice looking man. Ignore me, please.

That. That is why – for the second time in 20+ years – there was a nice looking man in the office today.

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