Thursday, July 15, 2010

Because it was worth the four bucks

I went past the plot the other day plotting out (ha!) how much weeding time I'm going to need. And checking to see what else might be poking up. Beets and Carrots are up, and that's the last of it. Or was the last!

When we were planting things we were also fighting off hordes of mosiquitoes. Large mosquitoes. Car sized, even. Or so it seemed. At any rate, halfway through the beet seeds we lost our minds. If the picture in your head is of me and The Girl flailing our arms like manic windmills, squealing like little girls (and in our heads, or mine at least, swearing like sailors) followed by dark clouds of insects with evil and sanguineous intent you'd be right on the money.

When I went to check on things I realized that we never did go back and plant more beets. We had a marker out at each end of the row, but nothing planted. What a waste! We already had a three foot space for no particular reason, so I wasn't happy with an eight foot empty row.
Unhappy enough, it turns out, that when I was at Safeway I bought a bag of spring onion bulbs at a vastly reduced price. I realize that July is not by any stretch spring but at four dollars I figured it was worth the risk. Better than more potatoes, as they would not likely have enough time to actually grow to a decent size before frost hits. Because much though we had to admit it, that can happen in September. August, even! July is the only month that has never had snow. June and August not often, but it happens.

Whether I'll have a dozen spring onions in a few weeks is hard to tell. The bulbs were pretty sad looking. But if nothing happens, well, let that be a four dollar lesson to me.

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