Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I can see clearly now

Remember this? Well, the vanilla is still sitting in a dark cupboard getting darker and richer waiting for the day I'll combine it with the sugar syrup but the Portuguese Milk Liqueur is done.

It worked! Actually, it more than worked; I did it because I couldn't believe that a liqueur made with milk could be clear. Didn't even think about whether it would be tasty or not, I was more interested in the science of it all. Turns out that yes, it ends up clear. But even more amazing is that it tasted amazing. Truly it does. Pretty strong, so more of a drink you'd have at the end of an evening, like ice wine or port. Very lemon-y but much tastier - to my palate - than Limoncello. There is a nice chocolate after taste too. Very yummy!

The down side was the PIA factor. So much straining. I think, should I ever choose to do it again, I'd use paper coffee filters for all three strainings. The recipe said to do it once, but a reviewer I read did it three times and I think that's the better call. It was still cloudy after the first filter. I also think that the fact that I used a little one cup coffee filter made it all harder than it should have been. What can I say? I'm a tea drinker and I don't have anything other than a little one cup thingy for visitors to use.

So....don't believe me that it turned out clear? I took pictures, just to show you. Ha!

ps: this is the post that should have been here yesterday, but I was at a conference. Sometimes promises like "I'll kitchen blog every Tuesday" get broken by the real world pushing in.

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