Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Best thing I've heard all day

And boy, I've heard some things today. Things like "you're first on the list, it should be half an hour". It was an half hour. AFTER I'd already waited two hours. I spent two and a half hours waiting to hear my doctor say "no, that's not really effective, we'll try a different treatment". I already knew attempt # 1 wasn't working (ten good nights, four hellish nights, every two weeks? No, not good), I really only needed a prescription for something different. Which I got. Less than sixty seconds with the doctor for 2.5 hours of waiting.

Also, during that long down time (yes, I had a book. I read it. All of it. And three magazines that were sorely out of date), I heard a girl -woman? female? - tell the person she was with that they couldn't date each other because "you are, is all". Hope that cleared it up for the boy - man? male?- because it just confused the bejeebers out of me.

Anyway, whilst roaming the drugstore waiting for some new magic drug to still the restless legs, I heard this line: "oh hey wait whoa just a minute now".

Read that line. Think about it. Clearly, someone objecting to a suggestion, and given that we're in a store a purchasing suggestion. Think about situations where someone might say something like that. Now here's the actual speaker:

A six year old boy. With his mother and little sister. Responding to his mother's suggestion of a brownie and cookie purchase. He sounded like a highly sceptical - not to mention grumpy - nintety year old. It made my day. A day which had been frustrating, so the laugh was welcome. I have no idea if he talked her out of the sweeties!

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