Friday, August 19, 2011

So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it.

Ah Willy Wonka. Still a favourite. And quoted all the time, at least in our house. Anyway - on to the post:

I am going to make a list. Not that this is something I never do. People make lists all the time: grocery lists, birthday lists, to-do lists, magic-powers-I-wish-I-had lists, even the hideously named “honey-do” lists. BTW: should some future husband of mine be reading this, and should I at some point refer to a honey-do list you must –immediately – dump me at the side of some deserted grid road, with nothing but a compass and the clothes on my back. No penalties or punishments for said desertion.

However, I’ve been having some list-related issues lately. Not with actual written lists, the problem comes with the lists I’ve been working on in my head. Every night for the past month (a month filled with all the to-do things one worries about when you’re moving and selling your house) I’ve spent the last minutes before sleep – on the nights I do sleep – going over all the things that I didn’t get done that day. And then I get worried. The panic of never getting it all done in time sets in.

This finally came to a head – and ended, for good – when I was in the usual panic over the long list of things not done that day when smart brain (the brain I should listen to far more often) suggested I make a list of what I HAD accomplished that day. As it turned out, it was quite a long list. I had been looking at the empty part of the glass. And that is certainly not my usual way. I like the way someone else has put it: "Look! A glass! With stuff in it! And room for more stuff!". There is not a day long enough to get everything done in that one day. No matter what I do, it will take days. All I really have to worry about is making sure I do get something done every day. And I do.

Back to the topic at hand: next week there is an engineer coming to make a report on the basement and general construction of the house.This is a must, particularly in Regina, with its shifting ground. No one wants to buy a house and then find out that it needs to have the basement completely re-done! This means that there truly are things that MUST get done this weekend. And it involves things like taking things to the dump. I keep thinking that all that has to go is some garbage and a box spring and mattress. But there are dead things in the back yard (inanimate things, like an old Tonka truck, a BBQ that big puppy murdered and some broken lawn chairs) that need to go too. Can’t forget them, I only have the truck for an afternoon; don’t want to leave junk behind for a new owner to deal with.

So a list must be made. A list that will have all the things that need to get cleaned/moved/stored/mowed/whatevered before Monday dawns. And then I get the pleasure of checking each item off as it is done. And not just by me, the three of us will be very busy beavers this weekend! Avanté!

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