Thursday, September 29, 2011

Karma. Please.

Movies like to tell their story and get it neatly tied up in two hours, give or take. Novels, particularly romance novels, not only like the ending to be neat and tidy, but quite often they lead one to believe that the world eventually balances out between things going horribly wrong and then miraculously well.

Intellectually I believe that things happen in a completely random manner. Good things happen, bad things happen, good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good. There is no such thing as life being fair.

Irrationally I believe that life should be fair. If enough bad things happen, then something good must happen. Must! Surely even statistically that makes sense? On a more logical level I believe Rudyard Kipling had it right (I must believe it more than I thought – I didn’t even have to look this up):

The rain it falls upon the just
And the unjust fella
But mainly on the just because
The unjust steals the just’s umbrella

If, however, the world does want to show me that there is some strange cosmic balance I have a GREAT suggestion:

Yesterday – which was a Wednesday – the boy was in a bit of trouble with me. Enough that I was irritated with Him Whom I Love. The Wednesday before he was in deep serious trouble. Nope, nothing illegal or even bad, just a long day of my having to do things because he hadn’t to. Things that involved driving around, cleaning out mouldy thermoses, having no time to do my own errands, starting early to I could leave early and not being able to leave early because he forgot to come get me. Anyway – we had a pretty serious discussion about WHAT MUST CHANGE.

Today I found out, whilst doing my banking online, that the Wednesday prior to that I was in China, shopping with my Visa. And nope, not online either if that is what you were thinking. One purchase, at least, was made face to face.

Was I really in China? No, I wasn’t. Although the first person I talked to at the bank wanted to know if it was possible I’d been and forgotten about it. I guess there are people who travel so often to so many places that they might forget they’d been in China on a particular day, but I’m not one of them. I’d like to be, but I’m not.

So, three bad Wednesdays under my belt. What might next week bring? Well, next Wednesday they announce the winners of the Children’s Wish Foundation lottery. First prize for which is a house, or $695,000.00. This is a lottery for which I hold a ticket. I am also entered for the early bird prize ($75,000.00) and the vacation for life draw. One week a year, free, for the rest of my life. Not always at the same place if you choose to move around, but always somewhere swanky.

So there’s my suggestion life balancer: three bad= one beyond the moon fantastic. I’m waiting.

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