Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Work should NOT be a part of one's dream life!

Great. Just great. Now the irritating client of yesterday is invading my dream life. And not for the better! All I can say is thank heavens the first dream of the night was incredible: time/space travel, warm climes, good food. As a matter of fact, the first dream had almost all of my most favourite things in it. Throw in an elephant, a giraffe a few tigers and the ability to breathe under water (and dive safely to great depths without gear) and we might have had a perfect all-inclusive bit of fantasticalness.(I was about to apologize for making up a word…but according to spell check, fantasticalness is a real word*. Who knew?)

The second dream, though…completely different story. In that bit of terribleness, the client I told you about yesterday came out to see me. And she had the court order we’d been asking for. A court order that said, amongst other things, that I had to speak in French (ok, I can do that), do her research (not going to do that) and sing “Under the Boardwalk” (What?) Other than the non-surprising revelation that I feel I’m being asked to do things that are her job, not mine, I have no idea what to do with that trio of things. I can’t sing…and there is no Boardwalk here, let alone one that is down by the sea.

I've had dreams about work before, but it's always been along the lines of being late, or having to give a presentation that I haven't prepared for. Singing...that's never appeared in a work dream. I was kinda glad that the alarm went off before I had to perform like a trained monkey.

*Hmmm. Microsoft Word says it is a real word, blogspot spell check says it isn't. I KNEW microsoft was messing with my head. How many other words am I using that don't really exist????

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