Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Coulda been Better

What would have been better was the filling. Shoulda been apple, or pumpkin. What, you ask, am I talking about? There is a web site called Serious Eats. And yesterday, from Cake Spy, they had this:

If you don't want to read it, the gist is there needs to be a solution to leftover pie. Which strikes me as about as important as what to do about too much sex. However, I take it there are people who have a problem with the former. Probably people that worry about the latter, too, but I like to pretend they don't exist.

Their solution is to buy unbaked cinnamon rolls (yes, you could make your own but what a waste), and take apart your leftover pie. Then you spread pie filling on the Cinnamon rolls, which you have very carefully unwound. I bought Pillsbury Grands, five to a pack. I baked my own pie, but I cheated by using a pre-made crust. No way on earth at the end of a working day am I going to make pastry just to wreck it.

Once you've re-rolled your buns (Les Filles Hingston may proceed to making butt cracks. Ha! I made one!) and put them in a pan you take the top of the pie pieces that you've scooped the filling out of and dice them up. Then you sprinkle them on the buns and make the whole mess. My favourite line from the recipe comes next:

"Once golden on the tops and edges, remove from the oven. Pause and reflect if it would be simply too much to add frosting; decide that no, it would not be, and liberally douse your cinnamon rolls with the frosting of your choice".

So the pie I made was blueberry. Because The Girl asked nicely. Both kids were thrilled with our once weekly dessert being pie. All that really mattered was that there were leftovers this morning. So I did the whole unrolling, filling, re-rolling, dicing, sprinkling bit. And the result? My finger nails are purple. Because blueberries - even when baked in a pie and cooled - are slippery little buggers. And taste-wise...blueberry was not a good combination. Don't get me wrong, the buns got eaten. By four guys and a pregnant woman, though, so it's not really fair to go by that.

If I were to do this again - and I'm not saying no, but really the pain in the ass factor was pretty high - I'd do it with pumpkin. Or apple. Or, as a co-worker suggested, sour cream raisin. I thought raisin would just be like raisins in cinnamon buns, no big deal. But sour cream raisin might work.

Hey - I did a Tuesday cooking post on a Tuesday. Yeah me!

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