Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm guessing never.

There are some things I wish I would hurry up and grow out of. F'rinstance, someone from the unit here that I used to work in was in our office today. She came over and said "so, I hear some nice looking guy was here last week and you went to lunch"

Ok, first of all - and this doesn't upset me, it's actually kinda funny - "some guy"? Doesn't that sound like some unfortunate guy (albeit nice looking) just happened to be here last week and asked the room in general if anyone would care to join him for lunch? And that I said yes? Because that's what it sounded like to me. And it wasn't anything like that. Ok, yes it was a guy. And yes, as it happens a nice looking one (yeah me!) and yes, lunch was involved. But it was planned. We'd arranged to go for lunch together. It wasn't just "some guy". Back to the story.

The problem is, the very next thing she said was "are you blushing? You've gone all pink!". And she was right. Blushing like some nervous Nelly. At my age. I found myself getting pinker in embarrassment over being pink. I thought there would be a time when this would no longer be a concern*. I'm guessing that time will be when I'm dead. Or never. I sort of assumed the dead don't blush, but what do I know?

*as a further embarrassment, it makes it really hard to lie, because it happens then too. Can't get away with anything. In truth I'd be a terrible con man. Woman. Person.

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