Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One single sentence.

There are times when one single sentence can change everything. Even short sentences. I'm sorry. I love you. You're getting a refund. Glibby glub gloopy. Yes, I'm serious about that last one.

I had one of those sentences yesterday. It won't thrill most of you, but to my friends from home, who don't quite believe the lack of access to basic necessities out here, it will be an AWESOME sentence.

The Girl - who was in Saskatoon but is home safe and sound through the snow storm - sent me this text last night:

"Mom, they have top-cut hot dog buns here, I can bring you some if you want".

So not only do I have a local source for nitrite free hot dogs, but I have an almost-local source for the only kind of buns you should ever use to eat them with. And a girl who even in the excitement of going to an out-of-town concert on a school night, thought to text me and let me know what she'd discovered a possible solution to the lack of proper bunnery.

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  1. Great. Now I'm going to have "Good Morning Starshine" in my head ALL DAY.